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05/08/77 Barton Hall (Cornell University) - Ithaca, NY Set 1: New Minglewood Blues Loser El Paso They Love Each Other Jack Straw Deal Lazy Lightnin' Supplication Brown-Eyed Women Mama Tried Row Jimmy Dancin' In The Streets Set 2: Scarlet Begonias Fire On The Mountain Estimated Prophet St. Stephen Morning Dew Encore: One More Saturday Night Download/Listen to this Show at Comments: Worst show I ever saw, man!

Perhaps it was too crowded, and even a little freaky.

Musically, though, this recording can't be beat.- Hey, I thought this is one of best Dead shows I have ever heard.

With me being only 15 I never saw live show but I have all the videos an have around 160 bootlegs.

And cornell is my second favoruite besides the Alpine Valley show in '89 that is on the video Downhill From Here. I wouldn't say its the best complete show but I would say, without a doubt, that it is the best 2nd set ever. Jerry is obviously struggling during the Scarlet Begonias solo. My nominees for other Great Shows: 5-26-77 and 4-12-78Check em out.-Anonymous Best mid-era grateful dead concert.

So anyway, you start listening to stephen and you're like "yeah, i dig it" and then out of nowhere, the m'f'er is jamming some sweet notes for about 15 minutes... Also, when the DEW comes up, its such a shift in mood that you can't help but feel a chill. - THE WHOLE MONTH OF MAY 77 IS THE BEST LINE-UP OF LIVE DEAD YOU'LL EVER HERE, THE SCARLET FIRES WERE SICK!!! THEY ARE TRULY ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED AMERICAN BANDS EVER!!!! PEACE- ***5/8/77 is an exellent show, the singing was good, the music was tight, but I find it rather uninspired in spots, Not Fade Away seems to drag on and on, I've never been a fan of Disco, so Dancin' doesn't impress me, Saint Stephen, although an awesome song, was much better in the late 60s... Anyone who "got" the dead knows that what made them special was the mystical energy that their playing produced. All the songs are well played,lots of jamming,one of the best they love each other,and row jimmy.

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Still can't believe what a great st Without a doubt one of the finest shows ever performed. and Jerry wailed on every song like he was so good at doing. it sounds like if it was released comercially it could sell as many copies as Saturday Night Fever, or Thriller- It seems to be kind of fashionable these days to call this show, along with 8-27-72, over rated, but I find it fascinating that it seems to warrant the most discussion anyway. I listened to a lot of Dead before I even heard of this show. only thing is that i can't find the setlist for the 3rd set. This show may have been oversaturated in the collecting stream (Hell, I got this show early on due to it's easy accesability and couldn't help but to hear it played hundreds of times), but I think it is regardless deserving of the hype it has received in past years.

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