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The woman, barely in her 20s and estranged from her family, worked two jobs as she tried to launch a singing career.When she started chatting online with the head of "424 Records," she thought she had finally gotten her break.The woman interviewed by The Sun, and the federal court documents, say that a doorman and manager at one of the clubs helped one of the dancers escape from the group.Lawyers or owners reached for Chez Joey and the Ritz declined to comment, saying they know nothing of the allegations.

Melissa Snow, the director of the anti-trafficking program for Turn Around, a center that helps abused and battered women, said human trafficking cases often have links to adult entertainment, from pornography to prostitution.One video showed them shopping for jewelry in an El Paso shopping mall, with one man repeating, "Focus on the money." One video promo on You Tube features a singer calling himself "thug dog" and "g" and flashes images of The Block while the singer praises hollow-point bullets, all while rapping about his control over women.The victims told agents that they were lured in different ways, according to court documents.Peter Prevas, a longtime attorney in Baltimore who has represented clubs and workers on The Block for years, said he has not encountered human trafficking.He said most of the dancers "had or still have a drug problem and are trying to get into that dancing environment. From eating lunch down there, I see guys dropping women off, but I wouldn't know them to be pimps."The FBI identified the ringleaders of the alleged Baltimore-El Paso sex ring as 43-year-old Alarcon Allen Wiggins, known as "J-Roc," and Deangelo Smith, who goes by "D-Lo." Their lawyers in Texas did not return calls.

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An 18-year-old from Baltimore met a woman in a chat room who befriended her, then traveled to Texas to visit her.