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Instead of putting pressure on the date to be perfect, enjoy getting to know someone new. If it doesn’t, you’ve made a new friend who may know someone who would be a better match. From painting to sports to cooking to writing, there are tons of groups out there that offer activities for free.

You can either find a new hobby or get better at one you’re already interested in.

It’s easier to start a conversation with someone and eventually ask them out if you’re both in the middle of doing something that reflects your similar views on life.Zoosk is the best app to meet local singles in my opinion, particularly because it’s integrated with Facebook.This makes it easy to sign up, upload your info, and find people near you — all without having to whip out your wallet.It’s OK if you aren’t a big partier because small gatherings like these are still good for meeting people.You also actually get to talk to the person and hear what they’re saying — something you can’t really do in a loud club.

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Volunteering provides the best opportunity for meeting local singles who share your same values.