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Top 10 intimidating animals

But, and let’s get real for a second, how many people do you think know what the world’s sixth highest mountain is?Or, for that matter, what the third, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, and ninth highest mountains in the world are. That’s the sort of trivia only real mountaineering hipsters have."We have seen and heard the intensity of the intimidation happening on our streets, both in Greerton and in the CBD - we have heard it from the streeties, businesses and organisations across the board."It looks out of place - hustlers intensely going up to peoples' car windows.Tania Lewis-Rickard, who directs food charity Kai Aroha, said her organisation did not condone the "hustling" going on in Greerton.Kai Aroha feeds the homeless in Greerton on Friday evenings.

A council staff member had also increased his presence in Greerton following the October meeting and had been moving people on and reporting issues to police, the association spokeswoman said.Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.Fake beggars have been accused of running an organised "scam" in the Bay of Plenty.The group of about five men are allegedly intimidating and abusing shoppers, and approaching people before they have even got out of their cars.Several shop owners and members of the public told the Bay of Plenty Times the men regularly arrived at Greerton Village in a vehicle and set up outside shops to ask for money. The shop owner - who did not want to be identified, fearing reprisals from the group - said they were intimidating and abusing customers. Didn't eat a thing of it; put it all in the bin." The business owner said many elderly people were scared of the group. We've got to clean it up." Retailers' concerns were not aimed at the genuine homeless and rough sleepers, he said.

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"There's a marked decline in people begging in the streets in Greerton -- they are still here, but there is a decline." She said the council staff member had also done a good job of speaking with people on the street and putting some of them in touch with other agencies.